The Arab Austrian Women’s Organization aims at enhancing relations between expatriates and refugees, and Austrian society by building bridges through cultural, artistic, literary and educational projects. We strive to promote mutual understanding and integration while respecting and preserving respective identities.

Our project “Nai” started as a small dream in January 2015, when we had the privilege of starting to work with director, artist and musician Orwa Al Shoufi. The dream grew into the establishment of the Oriental Nai Orchestra, followed by the Nineveh Music School, and by the Nai Choir which we are forming from the music school students.

We want to connect with Austrian society through beautiful music and songs. When we perform, we transport our audience to a magical place where poetry, music, religion and identity are interlinked to such a point that language does not matter anymore, and the music takes over. It is a remedy for the soul.

We encourage our community members to contribute to Austria’s vibrant cultural life and invite them to these outstanding events.

Nai Choir

Our choir is a multicultural Arab-Austrian-European group formed to promote Arabic heritage, art, music and culture. Choir members meet regularly not only to sing, but also to socialize and learn from one another. In addition to young women and men of Arab origin, choir members include Austrians, Europeans and people from other ethnic backgrounds. Our wide musical repertoire includes songs in Arabic, Assyrian, Chaldea, German, English, and French, amongst other languages.

With such an inclusive and diverse artistic vision, we regularly present enchanting live performances at cultural events, engaging local musicians and artists from various backgrounds.

Connecting communities and cultures comes naturally through music.

Nineveh Music and Songs Workshops

Our organization also offers music and singing workshops, led by Director Orwa Al Shoufi and his talented team, which includes composer and conductor Fadi Mestrih, music teacher Diana Rasina and others. Together, they are preparing the next group of young people and children to join the Nai Orchestra and take part in this unique multi-cultural experience.