The Arab Women Association in Vienna is a cultural and social organization, established in May 1997 at the initiative of some Arab women, who saw the necessity for a frame work for the Arab women activities.

Goals of the Association

Consolidate relations among families of Arab descent and tackle their problems and concerns through tailored social and cultural activities.

Raise the awareness of generations born in the host country of their cultural identity through:
Organizing Arabic language courses,
Launching different cultural events, to enhance image and inheritance…

Examine the various situations faced by Arab women in view of identifying difficulties to be overcome in the host country and at the same time supporting their integration in the new societies and assisting them in facing the problems of children education.

Involve all women of Arab descent in the activities of the Association regardless of their ethnic, national or religious affiliations.

Verein Arabischer Frauen in Österreich

Eduardgasse 9/11; 1180 Wien