Who are we?

Our Choir is a multicultural Arab-Austrian-European group formed to promote Arabic heritage, art, music and culture. Members of our Arabic-Austrian-European Choir meet regularly to sing and socialize. They include male and female Austrians of Arabic origin, in addition to Austrians and Europeans of other ethnic backgrounds. The songs are in Arabic, Assyrian, Chaldea, German, English, French and other languages.

We aim through our artistic vision to connect with the Austrian society by introducing fascinating music and songs put to live in enchanting performances at cultural events engaging local musicians and artists from various backgrounds.

We encourage our community members, regardless of their background to contribute to Austria’s vibrant cultural life and activities.

Our community is thirsty to find connections between cultures, especially in music. When we perform, this becomes real; the stage transports you to a magical ambiance where poetry, music, religion and identity are interlinked to the point where language does not matter anymore, the music takes over. “It is a remedy for the soul”.

Choir director “Orwa Saleh”

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