Date: 17 September 2015
Film: Where do we go now?
Country: Libanon
Description: Where Do We Go Now? tells the story of a remote, isolated unnamed Lebanese village inhabited by both Muslims and Christians.

The village is slowly drawn into greater violence; but the women get along beautifully and conspire together to keep their men from fighting, even hiring Ukrainian dancers to entertain their men.

Director: Nadin Labki
Language: Arabic with English subtitle
Duration: 100 minutes
Cast: Claude Baz Moussawbaa: Takla

Layla Hakim: Afaf

Nadine Labaki: Amale

Yvonne Maalouf: Yvonne

Antoinette Noufaily: Saydeh

Julien Farhat: Rabih

Ali Haidar: Roukoz

Petra Saghbini: Rita

Mostafa Al Sakka: Hammoudi

Sasseen Kawzally: Issam

Caroline Labaki: Aida

Kevin Ahboud: Nassim

Awards and Nominations: Un Certain Regard official selection during Cannes 2011.

Ecumenical Special Mentions during the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.

Won the François Chalais Prize at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.

Selected in the Special Presentations at the 36th Toronto International Film Festival.

Won the People’s Choice Award at the 36th Toronto International Film Festival

Selected at the 2011 San Sebastián International Film Festival

Won the Award To The European Film, Audience Award at the 2011 San Sebastián International Film Festival.

Won the Byarad d’Or at the 2011 Namur Film Festival

Won the Audience Award at the Films from the South 2011 International film festival.

Won the Audience Award for the Best Narrative film at the 2011 Doha Tribeca Film Festival.

Awarded Honorable Mention at 7th Pomegranate Film Festival (Toronto, Canada)

Awarded Audience Choice Award at 7th Pomegranate Film Festival (Toronto, Canada)



Date: 15 October 2015
Country: Lebanon
Description: One night in the life of Toufic, a young man, and his nocturnal rides. Between laughs and tears, romance and vengeance, a volcano lies on every street corner, like a ticking bomb ready to explode.
Director: Michel Kammoun
Language: Arabic with English subtitle
Duration: 83 minutes
Cast: Elie Mitri (Toufic)

Gabrielle Bou Rached (Yasmin)

Said Serhan

Issam Bou Khaled (Abboudi)

Michel El Hourany (Nino)

Aouni Kawas (Jo)

Hiam Abou Chedid

Rafic Ali Ahmad

Roger Assaf

Fadi Abi Samra

Maryann Capasso

Awards and Nominations: Golden Bayard for Best Film, Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur, Belgique 2006

Golden Bayard for Best Music, Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur, Belgique 2006

Silver Muhr for Best Film, Dubai International Film Festival, UAE 2007

Audience Award – LILLE International Film Festival, France 2007.

Best First Film Award – ROTTERDAM Arab Film Festival, Nederland 2007.

ART AWARD (Best First Film Award) – ALEXANDRIA International Film Festival, Egypt 2007.

Bronze Dagger for Best Film, Muscat International Film Festival, Oman 2008

Special Jury Prize, International First Film Festival Annonay, France 2008.

Palmera de Bronce, Mostra de Valencia “Cinema del Mediterrani”, Spain 2007



Date: 12 November 2015
Film: Heels of War
Country: Libanon
Description: Based on a true story….

In the summer of 1982, in a sheltered Lebanese village protected by its armed men, it took no longer than three months until radical changes started occurring in the lives of two families of different backgrounds. The priest about to be ordered is exhausted by temptations, the liberal girl who penetrated the village taking away the community s virginity, falls passionately in love .

Director: Joe Bou Eid
Language: Arabic with English subtitle
Duration: 90 minutes
Cast: Joy Karam

Chadyel Teeny

Carole Abboud

Awards and Nominations: Winner Best Actress (Monaco 7th chairity Film Festival)

Winner Best Jury Award (Dakhla International Film Festival)


Date: 10 December 2015
Film: Ghadi
Country: Libanon
Description: In a small coastal town, Leba (Georges Khabbaz) a music instructor, marries his childhood sweetheart Lara. Medical test show that his newborn has special needs. The towns people are fast to reject little Ghadi. Leba and his friends must find a way to convince his neighbors to accept his young son. Their solution is genius, heartwarming and redemptive

Written by and starring

Amin Dora

Georges Khabbaz

Language: Arabic with English subtitle
Duration: 97 minutes
Cast: Georges Khabbaz as Leba Saba

Lara Matar as Lara, Leba’s Wife

Christine Choueiri as Sophie

Awards and Nominations: Audience Award (Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Festival 2014)

KNN Audience Award (Busan International Film festival

Audience Award (Arabian Sights Film Festival Washington)

Best Fiction and Best Actor (La Nuit Des Mabrouk)

Best Lebanese Movie and Best Cinema Actor (Murex d Or)



Date: 14 Junuary 2016
Film: Stray Bullet
Country: Libanon
Description: On the end of summer 1976, in the Northern’s suburb of Beirut, Noha is getting married. Her family is relieved for she’s taking her last chance before she becomes an old maid like her older sister. Everything is going for the best until, on that Sunday, Noha changes her mind about the wedding and decides to meet up with her ex-lover. Events of this day will change the family’s life forever.
Director: Georges Hachem
Language: Arabic with English subtitle
Duration: 76 minutes
Cast: Nadine Labaki as Noha

Badih Bou Chacra as Assaf (the brother)

Nazih Youssef as John (the fiancé)

Takla Chammoun as Layla (the sister)

Rodrigue Sleiman Joseph (the ex-lover)

Inaam Germanos as Assaf’s mother

Awards and Nominations: Best Cinematography (Festival international de film francophone de Namur)

Best Artistic Expression (Roma Medifilm Festival)

Best Arab Film (7th Dubai International film festival)

Best Script (Cairo International film festival 2010)

Best Actress (Film Francophone d Angouleme)



Date: 11 February 2016
Film: Blind Intersections
Country: Libanon
Description: ·         Three protagonists, one city… Coming from different backgrounds, they pass each other but they never meet, though, the effect of one incident will drastically alter the lives of the three of them! Three characters, caught at a moment when their lives fell over, in just a matter of seconds… knocked down by a chain of other’s actions/reactions…
Director: Lara Saba
Language: Arabic with English subtitle
Duration: 87 minutes
Cast: Carole Hajj

Ala e Hammoud

Ghida Nouri

Awards and Nominations: Best Movie and Best Scenario (Malmo Arab Film Festival)

Best Actor (Brussels International Film Festival)


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