Dear friends and colleagues,

LOVE and KINDNESS are needed more than ever in a time of conflicts taking place all over the world, conflicts which are fuelled by the cultural misunderstanding of others, Feelings of insecurity and spreading fear.

Allow me to be the voice of the voiceless children and women who have suffered from the horrors of war and to thank you for this honour on their behalf. THANK YOU also for your moral and material support.  Through this you have given them HOPE and let them know that they are NOT left behind or forgotten, that you are sympathising with them and with their suffering.

Balsam Project is a drop of MERCY in a time of darkness.

I would like to personally thank my family at the United Nations Office at Vienna for their generosity and support over the past four years. In addition, special thanks to my family (Assad, Zenon, Syrus) and to my friends and supporters for their belief and trust in me and in Balsam Project.

Marie Therese Kiriaky

نحتاج اليوم أكثر من أي وقت إلى الحـــب والعطف ، في عصر الصراعات التي تعصف في عالمنا وحيث وحيث يسود سوء الفهم الثقافي للآخر ، ويعم بالتالي الشعور العام بعدم الأمان والخوف. ا
اسمحوا لي أن أكون صوت من لا صوت لهم من الأطفال والنساء والعجز والمدنيين في المجمل ممن عانوا من أهوال الحرب وأن أشكركم على هذا التكريم باسمهم لدعمكم المعنوي والمادي ولإعطائهم الإحساس بأن ما زال هناك من يذكرهم ويتعاطف معهم ومع آلامهم. ا

مشروع بلسم هو نقطة الرحمة في السواد المحيط بنا.   ا

أود أن أشكر شخصيا أسرتي الثانية في مركز الأمم المتحدة في فيينا لدعهم وكرمهم على مدى أربع سنوات إضافة لشكري لعائلتي الخاصة (أسد، زينون، سيروس) وأصدقائي وهم كثر لاستمرارهم في دعمي ودعم مشروع بلسم بكل ما يملكون من طاقة .   ا

ماري تيريز كرياكي

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Dear friends and colleagues,
The phenomenal success of Balsam’s project for the Syrian refugees is a reflection of the ever-increasing dedication, enthusiasm and contribution (in-kind and financial) you have shown on a continuous basis throughout the last four years.
I would like to note that this project could not have been such a success without your deep involvement. Because of your support, Balsam project was short listed for the UNSG Awards.
I would like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt “Thank You” to all of you.
Best regards,

Marie Therese Kiriaky


Thursday, 8 October 2015

2015 UN SG Awards: Shortlist and Ceremony announced

The UN Secretary-General Awards honour individual staff members or teams who promote innovation, efficiency and excellence in the way the Organization delivers its programmes and services.

All staff members are invited to attend the UN SG Awards ceremony on 23 October 2015 from 11:00-11:45 a.m. in the ECOSOC Chamber, where the winners in each category will be recognized by the Secretary-General.

In 2015, over 100 nominations were received from duty stations all over the world in the following categories: Outstanding Role Model, Teamwork, Creativity and Staff Volunteerism.   As part of the evaluation process, working level panels composed of staff of different levels and from different duty stations shortlisted 14 projects.

Pre-screening of projects included such issues as; quality of data, maturity of data, above and beyond official duty, level of innovation and quality of impact, with eventual grading on impact, innovation and replicability.

Following the evaluation process, the shortlist was sent to the Secretary-General for a final decision.

The finalists for the 2015 Awards are noted below. Congratulations to all who were nominated:  truly inspirational work!

Outstanding Role Model: Demonstrated leadership, vision, and strong judgement/decision-making resulting in empowering others, building trust and effectively managing performance.
1.    Protecting the Rights and Well-being of conflict affected children (DPKO UNAMID)
2.    Mr Luis Miguel Carrilho, Police Commissioner, MINUSCA (DPKO MINUSCA)
3.    Emergency Cover and establishment of mine action projects supporting DPKO (DPKO UNMAS)

Staff Volunteerism: Promoted organizational values through the commitment of personal time and/or expertise to a deserving cause outside one’s job description.
1.    Project Balsam (UNODC)
2.    UN Special Staff Magazine (UNOG)
3.    Emergency Volunteers to assist Internally Displaced Persons in Juba (DPKO, UNMAS)

Teamwork: Ensured the successful delivery of projects through joint collaboration efforts with multiple stakeholders
1.    Climate Summit Communications (EOSG, DPI)
2.    Campaign on violence against girls and woman, better overview of child protection (DPKO, MINUSTAH)
3.    Bomb Disposal at Rafah Crossing (DPKO, UNMAS)
4.    Organization-wide IPSAS implementation (DM)

Creativity: Demonstrated superior or improved performance as a result of the introduction and implementation of a new and innovative idea, or the improvement of existing processes.
1.    Community Violence Reduction: Legal Assistance programme (MINUSTAH)
2.    e-Accreditation (DGACM)
3.    Field Occupational Safety Risk Management Programme (DPKO/DFS)
4.    Improving Waste Management in UNAMID through Recycling (DPKO, UNAMID)

More information on shortlisted projects will be featured shortly on the UN SG Awards page.